Laser Toenail Treatment 

Voted best toenail program in NYC

Treats ugly,fungul, 

infected, ingrown,thick & smelly toenails

Over 15 years of curing fungal toenails

A multimodal approach that really works

During Treatment...

The Laser light targets and destroys the fungi without causing damage to the nails or the surrounding skin. Most patients feel only a warmth during the treatment. The entire procedure, treating both feet, requires less than 30 minutes.

Your Treatment Includes...


-Functional Foot Typing,

-Toenail Medicure, 

-Pictures Before & After      

-The PinPointe Laser Treatment*

-Foot Centering Strappings

-Foot Centering Pads

-Custom Post-Treatment Protocol

Following your custom developed  post-treatment protocol will minimize the chance of re-infection.

Experience Only The Best